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The text specified below can be used in the poster "On Consumer Rights". The poster must be placed in trade enterprises.

Order of the Ministry of Trade
of the Republic of Belarus
No 119  dd. August 10, 2009


In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus dd. January 9, 2002 "On Consumer Rights Protection" and the Regulations of retail trade of certain goods and catering approved by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No 384 dd. April 7, 2004 :


1.1. proper quality and safety of goods, proper completeness and proper quantity of goods;
1.2. timely, required and adequate information about goods and their producers (sellers);
1.3. free choice of goods;
1.4. change or return of a sound non-food product (except for not returnable goods in accordance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No 778 dd. June 14, 2002) within fourteen days since the purchase date for another similar product of another size, form, dimension, fashion, color or set.
In case a similar product is not available at the moment, the purchased sound non-food product may be returned to the seller, the money paid for the product shall be returned to the consumer. A consumer’s claim on money return shall be met by the seller immediately or within 7 days. Otherwise, the seller shall pay a fine in amount of 1% of good’s price for each day of arrears. Absence of evidence that the product was sold by the seller shall not be subject for refusal of a demand satisfaction. Sound food products shall not be returnable.
1.5. in case of purchase of a bad quality product, if its faults were not specified by the seller, within warranty period or life time (in connection with goods for which warranty periods has been not determined or make up less than two years - within two years) to demand for choice either:
- change of a defective product by a sound one,
- reduce of a purchase price,
- elimination of product defects without charge,
- reimbursement of expenses for product defects elimination,
- return of money;
The abovementioned claims shall be met by the seller immediately or within 7 days (in case of reduce of a purchase price) or within 14 days (in case of change of a defective product by a sound one, elimination of product defects without charge, and in case expertise is required). A consumer may return a bad quality product without consumer packaging.
1.6. reimbursement of expenses suffered due to product defects and also insufficient and unreliable information about a product.


2.1. sell safety goods of proper quality, with proper completeness and in proper quantity;
2.2. inform a consumer about:
on a shop-sign - about the name, belonging, working hours of a shop, number of a license, date and authority of its issue;
through price tags, marking, package inserts, service documentation - about product name, main attributes of a product, prices and  purchase terms, warranty periods, life time or shelf life, service life (if such have been determined), manufacture date, legal address of a producer and service stations, operation rules and terms, certification, weight (net), volume, amount and set of a product, another information which should be given to a consumer in accordance with the legislation or agreements signed;
sale places of corresponding goods - Lists of goods (in case they are sold), approved by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No 778 dd. June 14, 2002 "On Measures of implementation of the Law "On Consumer Rights Protection": 
- a List of sound non-food products not subject to return;
- a List of exchangeable highly technical products (in case of essential faults, essential violation of quality requirements)
- a List of durables (including component items, components, units) which  at certain period expiry may constitute a hazard to life, health of a consumer, his/her property or environment, which lifetime should be specified by a producer.
- a List of durables which could not be substituted without return by a similar product for the period of repair or change.
- the Regulations on substitution of a durable by a similar product (without charge) for the period of repair (at consumer's demand);
2.3. create conditions for trying on, checking of operation, completeness and quantity of purchased goods;  
2.4. effect payments for goods both noncash and in cash;
2.5. issue a sales slip or another document evidencing payment for goods;
2.6. assure free of charge packing of a purchased product, except for goods prepackaged by a seller in polymeric bags without a weatherproof container  and marking; to give such a product in free of charge package at consumer's demand;
2.7. service a consumer within working hours specified on the sign;
2.8. provide a consumer at his/her demand with a Complaints and Suggestions Book;
2.9. provide people subject to trade service benefits with ahead of line service.


3.1. sell a product on lifetime and (or) shelf life expiry and also a product which lifetime and (or) shelf life should but is not determined;
3.2. provide sale of products for obligatory purchase of other products or obligatory servicing except for goods which according to requirements can not be fixed (connected) without corresponding specialists;
3.3. render additional paid services to a consumer without sanction of a later.


4.1. the state provides consumers with protection of their legitimate interests through authorized state bodies within their cognizance, and also court.
4.2. if there is a problem you may address:  

Owner of a trade enterprise
Director (manager) of a trade enterprise
An authorized body which issued a special permission (license) on retail trade
Trade and service department of a local executive and administartive body
The employee authorized for consumer's rights protection of local executive and administartive bodies
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